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Welcome to my website of African wildlife photography!

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a deep fascination with African wildlife. I am not sure how this passion started, as I was born and educated in England, but I was determined to make wildlife my vocation. To realise my dreams, I studied zoology in London and started my career as a university lecturer in South Africa while studying the greater kudu for my Masters degree. My interest in photography started at this time as it proved to be an invaluable research aide. While a research fellow in Kwazulu-Natal, I completed my Ph.D on the ecology of two more antelope species and continued my self-taught photographic journey.

I have been very fortunate to have worked in both research and management capacities in several East and Southern African countries, often in fairly remote areas. The arrival of the digital SLR made it possible to see instant results even where I was isolated, and provided further impetus to my development as a photographer. All my images here are of wild, free-ranging animals taken in protected but entirely natural environments.

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Male leopard resting, Masai Mara


I watched this group of grazing zebras for some time and could see they were merging in a line, Ngorongoro



Latest Additions

Giraffe mother and calf bonding, Serengeti Juvenile lilac-breasted roller - with an insect that it caught on the wing - returning to its perch Crouching lioness at dusk, Tsavo Subadult yellow baboon (Papio cynocephalus) which means Crowned crane with chicks, Masai Mara Genet at night, Tsavo Young black-backed jackal enjoying the early morning sun close to the safety of its den, Masai Mara Elephant and calf foraging at sunset, Amboseli Male leopard climbing up a dry lugga (gulley) in the late afternoon, Masai Mara Black rhino bull